Nov 8, 2010


Eventually, Raelin and Med took their eyes off each other long enough so as to acknowledge the rest of the party.

"Who are your friends?"

Raelin laughed, "hardly the word I would use, but, these are some folks who would be helping to facilitate our journey.  We plan on travelling to the West on a secret mission, and, as I mentioned, shortly thereafter, to the Dwarves of the North.  This fellow here is Ash."

Ash, hearing his name and noting being pointed at, tipped his non-existent hat at the beautiful woman.  It had been a long time since he'd seen such a specimen.  Humans seemed to be something of an endangered species as of late - attractive ones, even more so.

"And this is Jay El" he continued.

Jay El dampened down his body's desires for the woman and smiled politely.  He would be faithful to his wife until the end of existence.  But man... whatta rack.

"And..." Raelin finished, switching to common, "I actually have no idea what the druid's name is.  He doesn't talk much."

"It's Manbearpig." Manbearpig said.

The two Elven citizens exchanged a knowing glance.  "How nice for you." Raelin smiled.

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