Nov 11, 2010

Lawful Good Genocide III

"Hewow!" said the tiny 'guard' of the Nykter cave entrance.  "Can I hewp you?"

Raelin looked down at the little fellow.  "Hi there.  We'd like to trade.  Do you have any magical artifacts?"

"Ummm..." said the living embodiment of adorable, "I have sum dwied bewwies you can have if yowr hungwie."

Raelin smiled.  "Thank you, no."  With that, he gestured to Tribby.  "He's clearly lying, grab him!"

The precious little Nykterian attempted to run, but Tribby was too fast for the lil' feller, and grabbed him tightly around the neck, while Jay El cast a sphere of silence just past him, so as to make his cries go unheard.

"Who would know where it was, then?" Raelin seethed into the fuzzball of cuteness.

"(gasp) m...maybe our Shaman m...might know?" The small creature was clearly terrified.

"My friend here could crush you into Nykter jam..." Raelin seethed at the creature.  "Do you want to know how much she enjoys Nykter jam...?"

Tribby smiled  "Tribby probably like that a lot."  Inside Tribby, a small, neutral-good half-elf piece of her withered and died.

The small guard began to cry.

"Feh, he's useless." Raelin scoffed.  "I'll take him back with the animals and tie him up, so he doesn't give away our position."

The group agreed.

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