Nov 15, 2010

The 20, the 30, the 40...

There came an echoing cacophony of skrees as thousands upon thousands of Nyktar's let out their cries of protest all at once and came running towards the party.

Ash lunged forward, and grabbed the Prism from the Shaman.  Raelin lunged forward too, but wasn't quite as fast.  "Blast." he thought to himself "THAT'S going to come up later..."

The Shaman yelled "No!  You can't take it!  You know not what you do!" and summoned a huge snake in an attempt to retrieve the Prism.

Ash scoffed at the huge snake and stabbed it in both of its lungs.  In a desperate, gasping strike, the snake took one scraping bite out of Ash's leg on the way down.  He grunted, but felt little pain.

Raelin laughed.  "Actually Fuzzball, I know exactly what we're doing.  It's been mentioned to me already that your lazy tribe has been using the prism to survive all these years.  In the words of my Father, get a job and a haircut you bunch of hippies!" and with that, he launched a scorching ray at the druid, incinerating him instantly.

Jay El looked behind him, and saw the collection of two foot tall fuzzy creatures swarming towards them.  "Uh... we better get outta here guys!" he yelled, "cover your ears, I'm going to try something!" 

Manbearpig looked at his companions, and down at the terrified little Nykter still clutching Manbearpig's hand.  He looked back at Jay El, who was about to cast a spell, likely a sound based one.  He was loyal to his friend, but... this was wrong, and he knew it.  He looked back down at Bacca, who was crying, and grabbed him, shielded him with his body, and wrapped his arms around Bacca's ears, as well as his own.  "Hold on!" he whispered.

Jay El yelled his spell into the catacombs and created a huge, echoing burst of sound to erupt within the cave, driving the creatures back in pain.  Due to the echoing cavern, the spell bounced around and hit everyone multiple times, including Jay El and the party; though Manbearpig's charge, Bacca, took only a small amount of damage, due to Manbearpig's selfless shielding.

Something that Jay El didn't plan, but effectively tripled the effect of the spell, was that the sound traveled through the whisper spell Tribby had cast earlier -- effectively doubling the spell's effective range (and giving Tribby, and the Nykter in her general area quite the surprise)

The combination of the Nykter's sensitive ears, the range, the echoing cavern, the double-up from the whisper spell, and the fact that the Nykter's were about as deadly as a rabbit made this very, very effective.

The group of Nykters fell to the ground crying, and still more came, protesting and pleading with the heroes not to cause their extinction.

"Boys!  Whip out your stones!" Med yelled, referring to the sunstones.  The boys did so, causing painful shrieks from the already deafened Nykter.  Bacca let out a terrified cry, and huddled closer into Manbearpig's chest, who used his cloak to shield him.

Seeing no way to stop what was clearly turning into another Lawful Good Genocidal Cluster-Fuck, Manbearpig opted to get the hell out of there, and to do his best to at least save Bacca, who he felt responsible for.

Putting his hand in front of him, and creating a magical gust of wind, Manbearpig ran forward, his left hand outstretched in front of him casting the spell, his other clutching Bacca to his ribs.

Raelin knelt down and grabbed the remains of the Shaman.  A druid of that caliber might have some loot worth sorting through later.

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