Nov 3, 2010

Alright, YOU make an elephant-duck noise then.

The great thing about being a highly intelligent, extremely old elf, was the amount of dialects and creative variations of swear words one picked up in the journey of life; Raelin was using up his supply as he rounded the parapet, lamenting about the closeness, yet farness of his plans.  Then, he got off on a tangent about how closeness was a word, but farness wasn't, and how that just wasn't fair.

In fact, he was so into his sporadic, multi-targeted, multi-linguistic cursing, that he nearly missed the expendable, yet seemingly capable, non-elven group of adventurers standing outside the city walls.

In fact, if it hadn't been for the horrid PFFFRRRRRQUACK of whatever-the-hell-that-was to draw his attention in the first place, he might have simply continued on with the swearing.

Sneakily, he slunked up to the edge of the wall and listened in.  The group seemed borderline retarded, in the company of an Ogre claiming to be a half elf, and a poor schlep who had been attempting to gain temporary citizenship for at least a month or so.

"Ho!" he hoed, in a non-promiscuous way, "Hello there." he said, using as small of words as he was able.  "You all want to be inside the city, yes?"

The group replied that they did.

"I see.  Well, perhaps, that is to say, maybe I could vouch for you on a temporary day pass, hmm?"

Manbearpig all but screamed his non-verbal agreement.

Then, something Raelin had yet to hear in his long life, ripped through his eardrums like the bare skin of genitals raking through a briar patch.  The Ogre was attempting to speak in Elvin, with an Ogre tongue.

The combination of the sing-song language done by the Ogre body was akin to the language of Japanese being said by a really, really loud cow, who was in the process of being butchered, much like the language itself, really.  Raelin smiled at his obvservation.  "Should write that one down for later..." he mused.

"Yes, there's a nice Ogre." he attempted.  Then, seeing that Ash was the most level-headed of the group, turned to him and told him to leave his beasts outside, and that the group, assuming they had no issue with checking their weapons and spell components with the guards, could accompany him inside the city on a day-pass.

Tribby's heart sank.  This was really a horrible moment for her.  "I..." she grunted with her Ogre tongue, and then, she stopped.  She was a beast.  She could feel her mind going more and more as of late, and, she did smell.  She reached into the newest pile of Shibou's crap and munched thoughtfully upon it as she did her best to ponder what the differences were between Ogres and Elves.  Surely there wasn't many, but, it was becoming harder and harder for her to remember...

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  1. love the Tribby introspection absent minded munching. Brilliant


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