Nov 21, 2010

Alarm Clock Warranty Not Valid For Ogres.

Raelin stuck his head close to Jay El's ear and whispered "Hey he's gonna go evil."

"zzzzz (snort) eh?  Wha?" came Jay El's reply.  "Wh... who in the whatnow?"

"Ash.  He's going to go evil.  The Prism is an addictive artifact in the hands of a human.  He doesn't need to eat or sleep, and he will become increasingly addicted to the device."

"ELF LET TRIBBY SLEEP!" Tribby barked, throwing a log in his general direction.

"Right, right.  Okay.  Just thought you all should know that your dear friend is going to betray you and only I can..."


"Okay, okay!" Raelin finished, smiling as he left.  The seeds of distrust had been planted.  What would grow from them, would depend...

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