Nov 10, 2010

Lawful Good Plans

The group set out to the tribe of Nykter, and Raelin crafted a tale which would help the party do what needed to be done.

"And, in conclusion, these guys stole something which rightfully belongs to the Elven empire, and, we are getting it back.  The terms of our agreement are as such that this is not part of the plunder agreement.  Is that clear?"

Jay El sighed "yes, but, we are ALSO on a mission to save the world, and are ALSO looking for a specific piece of an ancient magic machine which is important to save the ENTIRE WORLD - and WE will be taking THAT item without splitting it with YOU, as well."

(and so it went on and on, thankfully, it was a fairly lengthly trip)

Med, on the other hand, had more practical concerns.  "Are they violent?"

Raelin smiled.  The question would become fairly silly once the group met the Nykter.  A more adorable creature one could hardly imagine.  "No, they may be a might mischievous at times, but, we shouldn't encounter any resistance.  The poor misguided fools simply took this the way an infant might attempt shoplifting - they simply don't know any better.  I doubt there was any malice to it."

The plan which Med and Raelin agreed upon was simple:  Leave the animals (not including Tribby) about 90 feet away from the entrance, and go under the ruse of trading, and simply trade for the item, or, failing that, simply take it and leave.

The universe laughed at Med and Raelin, who felt the plan couldn't possibly go wrong.  Clearly, they had much to learn about the good intentions of this particular group.

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