Nov 28, 2010

Sunshine lollipops, gnolls and manticores

The group continued its slow progress through the light snowfall, pausing only briefly to consider the consequences of starting a snowball fight, and, realizing that it was clearly in everyone's best interest not to do so, because:
1 - Tribby's would be snow boulders with poo centers
2 - Ash would probably stab someone
3 - Raelin would almost definitely cheat with magic, and then stab someone
4 - Med would probably be one of those "don't get my hair wet" kind of girls

So... on they trudged.

Progress was slow because they had to stick to the roads, and take longer ways around things as a result.  Shibou was a big fatty, and there was no way she was getting through the forest.

As they neared a particularily large clearing, the party halted at Tribby's sudden lurch.  The party had grown to respect the behemoth's senses, and, this was one of those times where it paid off with information considerably more vital to survival than who had just farted.

"Gnolls" she grunted, pointing to the East.

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