Nov 16, 2010

Thank goodness I saved you

The group made their way to the Nykter cave exit, pushing back the adorable, yet clearly distraught swarm of Nykter.  By the thousands they came, yet made no progress past the shield of daylight that they had erected.

As the group pushed out of the exit, the swarm was pushed out first, creating a huge spill of about 700, while the rest remained inside.

Tribby, who had run to check on the animals, mounted Shibou.  "Shibou... CHAAARGE!" she yelled.

Raelin paused.  "Okay.  Maybe the ogre isn't all bad." he chuckled, firing a riccochetting lightning bolt over his shoulder into the cave, frying a few hundred of the Nykter's as an afterthought.

Shibou ran forward, smushing hundreds of Nykter's as she did so, all the while Tribby gave her directions.  "Left!  Now Right!  Try to splash the children with the remains of their parents!  Bwa ha ha ha!"

DM's Note:  Okay, no, she didn't say that.  But honestly... who purposefully tramples a bunch of unarmed, nonthreatening Moguai?

The group (minus Ash, who decided to jog beside it with his spiffy new boots) jumped on to the Duckephant, and, they were off.  The screaming and pleading tribe of Nykter followed them, kept at bay by the daylight stones, but, courageously not by the fear of certain death by trampling, lightning bolt, or worse.

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