Nov 20, 2010

Nice try, though.

Raelin awoke after his customary 4 hours of meditation, and sauntered up to Tribby.  "I can take the next watch.  Elves sleep far less than Ogres."

"Thanks Elf-Guy." Tribby replied, not remembering Raelin's name.

"By the way Tribby, that was quick thinking with the Duckephant.  You really came through for us today."

"Thanks Elf-guy!" Tribby smiled, walking off and heading to bed.  Any part of her which had felt remorse had been squashed and, with Raelin's praise, justifiably so.

Raelin noted that Ash was still awake.  "Hello Ash, feel free to take rest.  Elves need far less..."

"Thanks." Ash interrupted, "but I'm not tired." he smiled.

Raelin arched an eyebrow.  "Really?  Even though you jogged beside the Duckephant while the rest of us road?"

Ash shrugged "What can I tell you?  I'm not tired."

"Have you eaten?"

"No, why?"


Raelin sat quietly to himself.  There was magic at work here, to be sure.  But how best to use this information to his advantage?

"Can I see the prism for a moment?" He ventured.


How indeed...

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