Nov 26, 2010

Just don't kill the younglings again.

Jay El let out a sigh.  It hadn't been the exact answer he'd been looking for... but it hadn't not been, either.  The Gods always were ambiguous in their answers, and, always did work in mysterious ways.

Ultimately...  this was his path.  This was his journey.  This was...  his destiny?

He looked, as the sun set completely.  Was it darkest before the dawn?  Was it calmest before a storm?  

"Everything happens for a reason my faithful."

He supposed that would have to be enough.  His actions were his own, but, it seemed that there was little choice but to persevere.  The needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few, and, it seemed as though this chest gem and his soul were going to go on a wild ride together.  Lydia would see him through to the end.  She would guide him.

"Hey." Ash grunted into Jay El's Tent.  "We're gonna hang out until daylight.  You want my soup?"

Jay El smiled and took the soup  "Sure.  Thanks."

Ash turned to go, and paused.  "Hey... you okay?"

Jay El balked.  It was the nicest tone, let alone words, that Ash had ever used with him.  "Oh!  Uh... yeah.  Thanks.  Pretty wild night, y'know?"

Ash grunted and left.

Jay El smiled down at his soup.
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