Nov 2, 2010

Can a pause's water break?

Raelin's door smashed open with a thunderous clatter.  *UNNAMED* dove for safety as the master seemed to be in the middle of some form of expository monologue.

"...hasn't specified who is to accompany me upon the mission, the old fool!  Nor, for that matter, a strict timeline upon it!  With the budget of 10,000 gold no less!"

Raelin paused.  *UNNAMED* quivered and peaked out from behind the bookshelf, and snapped back just as Raelin continued to walk towards him, his footfalls getting closer and closer.

"The issue is... Elves in this city are nearly insanely patriotic...  they'd never defy the king's word of protection over the tribe of Nyktar...  which is well known..."

*UNNAMED* took a chance and ran from behind the bookshelf and hid behind a couch.

"...and any mercinaries who would betray the king would take considerably longer to contact than would be an un-suspicious amount of time before I left..."

There was a pregnant pause.

"Damn." he finished.  Perhaps this was not the opportunity he thought it was.  There just wasn't enough time.

"What are the odds I'm just going to stumble across an expendable... yet capable of course... not to mention willing group of non-elves in such a small time frame?"

He sighed, thinking of zapping *UNNAMED* in anger, but, the little turd had already hidden himself fairly well, and, instead, decided to take an evening walk to cool off.

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