Nov 27, 2010

We can't even stack wine skins on his face?

The night came and went with little in the way of distractions.  The Nykter tribe did fly overhead, screeching and screaming their protests, but, they failed to find the party hidden beneath the canopy of trees.

Jay El glanced at Manbearpig, who was still deep in his druidic trance.  He'd read somewhere that waking people up when they were trancing was really bad for them... or was that sleepwalking?  Either way, he seemed totally into it and Jay El figured it would be okay to move him, but, did so as gently as possible; ignoring Ash and Raelin's requests to both charcoal genitalia onto his face, as well as tie him to Shibou's nonexistent wang (The Duckephant being a female), and instead, tied him gently to Gluestick, who gave him a concerned neigh.

"I think he's okay, Gluestick." Jay El soothed the concerned companion.  "He's just been through a lot." he finished, smiling feebly.  Manbearpig had to be okay.  He just had to.

How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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