Jan 4, 2011

Yeah, that'll do that.

Raelin paused, and frowned.  The Goblins were clearly expanding.  But to what ends?  And... did he care?

The group continued its walk, each of them postulating upon the Goblins' reasons for expansion.

Raelin felt little love for his fellow countrymen, nor their King.  But...  ultimately, the Elven city was his home; it was not only where he kept all his stuff, but, it was also the most familiar place he'd known in his long life.

He sighed.  "I will send the King word of the Goblins' expansion."

Ash, known to be a man of his word, oddly said nothing as Raelin cast a spell with the details of what the Goblins were up to in magical carrier pigeon form.

"The Goblins are expanding their base of operations using a delver and human slaves." he mentioned.  "It is worth investigating."

The Elf looked down at his feet, almost ashamed of himself.  While true, protecting the Elven city was self serving, he still didn't like the idea of helping out the Elven King voluntarily.  It just didn't... sit right with him.

A javelin skewered his cheeks, distracting him from his inner dialog.

DM's Note:  I really should have docked XP for Ash's breaking of his word, but, oddly, I didn't notice either.

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