Jan 19, 2011

50:22 / 60:00 You, solve the antilife equation!

The group opened up the door, and was met with a riddle, the answer was sand, but Ash swore the answer was time.  Regardless, eventually, Med got the answer "right".

After that, nothing seemed to happen, which was something of a let down.  There'd been a riddle on a wall, they'd answered the riddle, and nothing had happened.

Previous DND experiences had not prepared them for this.  (it was at this point that it occured to the DM to start putting riddles randomly on all sorts of walls, simply to detain the party - however, in this case, answering the riddle would prove useful... shortly)

"Hey, that's a large, undead snake with a key around its neck." said Med, wanting to have some dialog.

Thinking quickly, Raelin came up with the basic strategy.  "You, the one who is thinking of eating me, go distract the snake by getting too close to its biting mouth."


"And you, fatty, step on it."


"And you, fly over there and grab the key."


It all worked.
(What can I say?  It wasn't all that dramatic)

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