Jan 2, 2011

Jump... and... stab?

The group continued its way, doing its best to keep their distance, but not look like they were keeping their distance (eg walk casual).  What met their eyes was actually rather awe inspiring.  It really showed what stupid people in large groups could really accomplish with a little bit of direction.  The stronghold, which had already been impressive, now stood considerably larger than before (and the group had only last seen it less than 5 months ago) and, there were clearly additions on a very large scale being constructed out of wood and stone.  Most of the Goblins appeared hard at work, though, there were still sentries.

"...so I seys to t'human, I seys 'La-hook buh-dee' in der laamo languaage righ?"
"Oh meyn, I lo' it when y'do da acceeent"
"I no rhi?  An I seys, 'I dohn't care how bihg you ahre, I'm still gonna out-duh-rink your sorry ass!' "
"No waaay, you sai' dat mayn?"
"For reals, and then this big ol' Dwarf come up, an' it turs out dey friends, ri?"
"Oh sheet, you can't ou'drink a Dwarf hombre!"
"Dat's wh'you tink, doh!  Das when da storee gess better..."
"Oh sheet meyn, der's some ungoblins comin'!"

"Uh oh..." they collectively uh oh-ed, as the two Goblin sentries, who were riding upon some rather large wolves, approached in a rather aggressive manner.

"Heeeey guuys!" Ash smiled, practicing his Goblin, and making a nice warm gesture.

"Heeey, iss da Kobold-killahs eh?" came the reply of the Goblin sentries.

"Yeeeh meyn, we's jus' headin' through yeah?"

"Awww man, why don' you com' 'ang outwichus a while eh?"

"Naaaw, dudes, we gotta keep on mooovin'"

The Goblins looked at each other and sighed.

"No man.  We insist." they said.  "We gotta detain you fo' a while."

"Wha?  Why meyn?"

"Sorree, we're on high alert, we's got orders to detain jus' about everyone."

The group paused and looked at their apparent new figurehead for a solution.

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