Jan 7, 2011

Ba dah dum duuuuuum!

The tireless Ash blinked as his sleeping companions began to waver and fade like some cheesy Nintendo dimensional transfer graphic.  Was his vision getting fuzzy?  Was the world... fading out one pixel at a time?

"Uh... HEY!" Ash yelled, alerting and awaking his comrades.

Raelin looked around "we've shifted phases." he muttered into everyone's minds at once.

Med looked around, and noted that she was in a small room, and that she was surrounded by the group's animal companions, who all seemed smaller than they had been before.

"HEEEEEY!" suddenly echoed inside everyone's minds in a voice similar to Jay El's.

Ash's voice was soon to follow, again, echoing within their minds.  "What the fuck is this place?  Fuckin' fucking fuck.  Fuck.  Fucking fucktardian fucklore."

Raelin noted that he'd likely been shrunk - as all of the animals around him seemed grotesquely large.  He shifted nervously, making sure not to attract the attention of the Cheetah.

"If I shoot an empowered fireball into the ceiling...  would that get us out and kill the rest of these retards?"

"How does that even make sense?"

"At this point I'm willing to try"

"At this point!?  You've been awake for a minute, because I woke you up!  The solution isn't always fireballs!"

Manbearpig chewed his cheek and thought nothing.

Raelin looked for his rat and noted he was nowhere to be found.  "Good.  Wouldn't want the little bugger seeking revenge..."

Jay El looked "what are you talking about, the Rat is right there!  Who is missing is Mr. Jangles!"

Ash noted that his companions had all faded away, and that he was left in a room with the pets they'd all acquired along their journeys.  He noted Jay El's monkey, and decided to pet it.

Jay El noted the giant Cheetah leap towards him and take a swipe at his face.  Immidiately, Jay El reached for his mace and noted it was not there!  Panicking, he swung his empty hand at the Cheetah.

Ash recoiled, noting that the Monkey appeared feral or possibly rabid, then paused

Ash: "Ooooh." echoed shortly thereafter through the joys of mass telepathy.

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