Jan 3, 2011

Math: AAAAH, it's incredible.

Ash repressed his homicidal urges, his sociopathic urges, his psychopathic urges, his violent urges, his urges to jump, and, likely most importantly, his urges to stab.

Ash forced a grin "hey meyn, we'll give you a hunnerd gold to let us go now, yeah?"

The Goblin guards looked at each other and discussed it amongst themselves.

"I don' know man, if dey foun' out dey'd totally keel us both..."
"Ya maeyn, but imagin' wha' we coul' buy witdat!"

Ash cut to the chase, and silently promised his spear he'd stab something later extra hard.  "Look boys, we inna hurry okay?  Hows about two hunnerd gold but you gotta take it or LEAVE IT." he finished, emphasizing that he was holding a large spear and that, perhaps, the bribe was the way to go for the two gentlemen.

"Sheet meyn!  Das' like seventy five gold for each of us eh?"
"Holy co' really meyn?"
The Goblin smiled and looked back at ash with a sly grin "Oh yeah meyn, I'm real good at math."
"Sheet okay meyn, das a good deal."

Ash smiled knowingly at the entrepreneurial Goblin, and handed the one Goblin all 200 coins.  Likely he would split the "seventy five" coins into 17 groups of three for easy counting for his less intelligent counterpart.

"Alrigh' holmes, but remember, we didn' see nothin', but neither did you, comprende?  Dunno how you missed us Goblins, but you did.  Righ?"

Ash smiled.  "Righ' on meyn.  Go spend it all in one place ;-)"

The group continued walking, and noted that the ground itself was shuddering from the renovations.  No doubt the Delvers were hard at work.

Raelin frowned.  "They're making tunnels."

Ash nodded.  "Later, Raelin."

Raelin nodded.  "Can't be good."

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