Jan 5, 2011

Father Son Picnic.

"PELOR'S NUTS!" Med shrieked as Raelin's face was skewered.

Ash readied himself, spear in hand and looked in the trajectorial direction indicated by the tilt of Raelin's head (back, and to the... right, actually.  Nuts, could have made a JFK joke there.) and saw a very large Dire Bear.

"Hm." Ash grunted.  Bears didn't usually throw spears, but, dire bears were known to be worthy adversaries.

Behind the behemoth was an average sized Troll, with his arm outstretched.

"Hm." Ash grunted, finding the culprit.  Trolls were generally worthy adversaries.  The combo of the two would prove to be an interesting battle.

"Broak borksh dorg!" The Troll's father smiled, patting the boy on the back.

"HM." Ash grunted.  "Heal the elf." he sighed; which was his version of asking for help.

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