Jan 10, 2011

That's REALLY pure.


"Well." Raelin thought to the group.  "That was disappointing."

Jay El smiled.  "Yes, thank you.  I'm fine."

Jay El investigated the Bear, and noted that it had an intricate belt, as well as a hammer, a tool belt, and a nail.


No synapses sparking immidiately, he continued on and investigated the grate, and the peg.

"Poke the peg!" Ash thought, impatiently.

He did so.

Nothing happened.

"Pull the peg!"

"(really, I think it's just a...)"


Jay El sighed and pulled the peg.

Nothing happened.


"(oh for crying out...)" Jay El sighed, and banged, pulled, twisted and blew on the peg suggestively.  "There!  Satisfied?  It's JUST A PEG!"

Raelin looked down at the spiked pit.  "Hey, fat-ass" he thought at Med - "Lower me into the pit... carefully." and, then, impatiently, "I'm small enough that I can navigate the pit and explore without getting skewered."

Surprisingly, Med had no evil thoughts to drop Raelin's ass on a spike;  (She was just that pure) and gently lowered him in.

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