Jan 17, 2011

40:00 / 60:00 Closer... closer... meh.

Ash, carrying Raelin, Jay El, and Tribby (of whom the entire party had forgotten was there in Falcon (Thaco) form, as her player was absent) on his back as the ceiling got closer... closer... CLOSER... not really all that suspensefully cloooose aaaaand, leaving just enough time to go back for his proverbial hat, making it across as the ceiling hit the floor behind them.

The three companions jumped off, hit the three switches in the room simultaneously - each switch filling a small potion of "Shrink Animal (Weak)" with a single drop.

As they looked at the small eye dropper in the wall, they realized that it led to a very small, glass tube, and the party decided as a whole that it would be a good idea to put the shrink animal potion into it at some point.

(Also, the door to the maze opened.)

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