Jan 16, 2011

37:11 / 60:00 +4 to all lice checks

Raelin attempted to snap, failed, attempted to facepalm his forehead, failed, and eventually, simply announced "D'oh!  I'll be right back."

Quickly, he (taking Med with him) went back to the first room, got Med to lower him into the pit with her trunk, scurried across, gnawed a rope, had Mr. Jangles... that is, Jay El, grab the rope and bring it back, nailed the rope to the wooden floor, and tossed it across for Shibou, that is, Med, to grab with her trunk, and then had the Monkey go across the rope followed shortly by Raelin.

"There." he smiled.  +1 to monkey!

: How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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