Jan 22, 2011


Tribby's soul hovered for what seemed like an eternity, but, was in fact less than the time it takes to flip a coin into the air.

Which body would she take?  The one she loathed but was functional, or the one she identified with but lacked the strength to which she'd become accustomed?

Which was more important, her mind or her ability to lift heavy objects?

What was more crucial, her ability to carry on conversations, or get her daily nourishment from feces?

She made her choice, and Tribby the Ogre's eyes, snapped open just in time to grab the ledge, as the lifeless sack of Half Elf Tribby plummeted into the pit below, to be devoured completely and utterly by that which was below.

"Wow." Ash remarked.  "Med's ass is awesome."

: How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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