Jan 28, 2011

Who is on first? THIRD BASE!

The group entered the first room, grumbling about how they really would have paid attention if they'd been paying attention, and, noted a box.

"Hey, a box." said Ash, like some sort of children's novel.  "And it says: Caution, will reduce wealth" on it.

He paused, glanced at all of his naked companions, shrugged, and opened the box.  Inside, was a ring.  He shrugged again and put it on, and glanced down at his genitals.

Nothing happened.

The group examined the room, and noted that one of the walls was a shimmering type wall, which, Raelin identified as a particular spell which could only be breached via a wooden object.

Tribby walked into it, and asked what it was.  Raelin told her again.

Jay El walked into it and asked what it was.  Raelin told him again.

Eventually, after some discussion (ironically from the half-deaf Ash) about listening skills, the group went down the hallway, and opened a door.

Behind which, was a rather terrifying undead Ogre wielding a wooden club.

Jay El looked at the room, and wondered what was inside it - everyone told him there was an undead ogre wielding a wooden club.  He asked where it was, and they informed him that it was inside the room that he was looking in.

Everyone ran away, Jay El attempted to hide behind something that wasn't there, and, in perhaps a showing of things to come, Raelin informed him as such.  "There isn't anything there to hide behind, Jay El.  This is just a hallway with an undead Ogre at the end of it - you should be running."

Jay El struggled with the complex visuals, and, eventually, acquiesced that Raelin was correct.

As they were being chased by the undead Ogre, they caught a glimpse of the rest of the room behind him - which was filled with more undead - one of which appeared to be a dragon.

The group finished its strategic retreat, gang beat the Ogre, and opened the rippling wood-opens-me portal.

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