Jan 18, 2011

47:26 / 60:00 Oh right, you're a bird.

The group entered the giant, awe inspiring, terrifyingly complex maze.  It was truly terrifying.  Everyone collectively gulped.

Someone noticed that the maze was only 20' high.

Someone remembered Tribby was a falcon.

The group sighed a sigh of relief.

In the center, was a suspended pillar, with a cage upon it.  The key that they required was inside the cage.

Tribby flew up to the cage and noted that she could peck and hold the key in her mouth, but, that it was too big to pull free of the bars.

Med had a thought:  "What if we shrunk Tribby so she could get into the cage?"

It was close enough.  Tribby gripped the key, the group poured the shrink animal potion upon her, she, and all that she held, shrunk with her, she then pulled the key free of the cage, and enlarged.

After that, she simply flew back, and the group opened up the door.

"This is getting easy!" the group laughed and chuckled merrily to one another.

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