Jan 13, 2011

09:11 / 60:00 Workin' togeeeether

Raelin crawled along the grate and noted that, after a bit, below him, were the very ropes which dangled over the abyss which Jay El was attempting to cross.  Using his ratty wits, Raelin gnawed through every second rope, allowing the ropes which, initially, were sightly sagging, to fall down into nice, vertical, easily swingable ropes.

Jay El wiped his hands on his legs and jumped onto the ropes, easily swinging across.  When he was about half way, Raelin sent him a nice evil thought that if he so chose, he could easily gnaw through the ropes to which Jay El was currently clinging.

After a tense moment, Jay El continued along his way and grabbed the potion.  He could not, however, swing back with only one hand, and the potion was too heavy to hold in his mouth.

Raelin jumped out of the way, and Jay El climbed the ropes, and placed the potion in the hole, and Raelin jumped back - pushing the potion all the way to the entrance while Jay El swung back so that he could catch it.

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