Jan 21, 2011

56:34 / 60:00 Riddle my wrists, no wait, I mean...

The Party Entered the Room of Riddles

"Y'know, this is my first room of riddles" Med remarked to the rest of the party's surprise. 

Glowing letters appeared in front of Manbearpig.

A king had two sons. The king was getting very old and he didn't know who to give his kingdom to. So he got his sons together for a horse race. He said Whoever's horse crosses the finish line last gets my kingdom. 

So the Sons both started out moving very slow, neither one wishing to pass the other.  Eventually, they noticed an old man walking past them, who they told of their race.  He gave them some advice, and, they followed it and took off as fast as they could.  

What was the advice?

Med paused, and whispered to Manbearpig "swap horses?"

The riddle dissolved, and more of the invisible path was made walkable.

Shimmering words appeared before Ash!

Studies have proven that cheetahs have more hair on one side then on their other side. Some people believe that this is because when Cheetahs lay on their side they need insulation from the cold on the floor or ground. Which side of a cat has more hair? 

Jay El laughed, having heard this one as a child.  "The outside!"

The path elongated, and shimmering words appeared in front of Jay El

What is made of wood but has never been cut?

Jay El frowned "Why did I get the retarded one?  A tree."

The riddle faded, the path elongated, and words shimmered into Raelin's view.

A prison, a sanctuary, a shield and a cell, death would occur had it fell, no hinges nor doors nor windows nor lid, yet golden be what inside, is hid.

Ash pshawed, "a friggin egg, man.  Everyone knows that."

The words sighed, vanished, and shimmered anew in front of Tribby.

A Falcon lays 7 eggs, they hatch and are healthy.  She feeds them, cares for them, and teaches them to fly.  Half of them are boys.  How is this possible?

There was silence.

"Wait, why does Tribby get the hard one?" Jay El said, quite insulted.  "I mean..."

"Shut up!  We don't have time for this!" Raelin snapped.  "it's because the Mom counts, right?"

57:12/60 - The floor sinked slightly

"Oh crap."

The group mumbled to themselves for a bit

58:15/60  "There are two yolks in one?" The floor sunk dramatically.

Ash grunted "The flying part is important..."

59:32/60:00 "Half of them are boys, and the other half are men!" Ash laughed, jokingly

The riddle dissolved.  Apparently he'd been at least partially correct.

Raelin sighed "Whoever put us in here is going to die horribly."

Words shimmered in front of Med.  Raelin groaned.

What is the size of an elephant, lighter than a duck, which follows both creatures?

59:55 / 60:00 "Bloody... THEIR SHADOW!" Raelin screamed.

The riddles complete, and with 5 seconds to spare, the heroes darted for the resulting opening.  As they did so, they began to transform back into their bipedal, opposable thumbed, increased brain cavity selves, and, due to the remaining psychic link, heard nearly immediately what each of them thought of each other's nakedness.

What nobody expected, was that when Tribby turned back, she would split in half.  The invisible path was not big enough to support both of them and, at that moment, Tribby's consciousness had to pick.

Was she to return to the ogre body, or the half elf?


  Surviving Petal's Right Brain: 23*75 = 1725

 Killing Stuff
    Medium Undead 100
    (Higher CR due to nudity)

 Cool Stuff
    Megaraptor lone battle 300
    Megaraptor teeth bashin' spiderman flippin' dinosaur ridin' 300

  Ash 2425
  Jay El 1725
  Manbearpig 1725
  Med 1725
  Raelin 1725

Part 1 (No Tribby)
  Surviving Petal's Left Brain: 29*125 = 3625

  wanting to smash stuff in new body 20

  inner monologue 50

  Mr. Ed voice 50

 Honors (+5% p/successful creative solution)
Med 17.5%
Raelin 25%
Ash 27.5%
Jay El 10%

  Med (3625+20)*1.175 = 4283
  Raelin (3625+50)*1.25 = 4594
  Ash (3625)*1.275 = 4622
  Jay El (3625)*1.1 = 3988
  Manbearpig (3625+50)*1 = 3675

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