Jan 14, 2011

15:03 / 60:00 Them Duckephant's is goooood eatin'

Med, forgetting that her brain was on an internal loudspeaker in the group's collective mind, fantasized about drinking the spiderwalk potion while singing to herself "spider duckephant, spider duckephant, does whatever a... spiderduckephant... does..."

"Med, seriously.  Shut the hell up." Ash snapped.  "We're trying to figure out what to do with the damn potion."

"Damn, I shouldn't snap at people like that... I'm just so damn hungry... man, I think I'll eat Raelin first.  Little piss ant's probably never been laid in his entire million year life, so his meat'd be clean... of course... he's a rat... damn.  Rats aren't nearly as good eating as say... a whole duckephant..."

The group collectively ahemed.

"Oh right.  Communal mind...  spi...der... duck...ephant... spider... duckephant... does... whatever a... spider duckephant does.." he sang, sheepishly.  (or rather, Cheetahily)

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