Apr 20, 2010

Episode 3: Wasn't she a monk? Look! A funny-talking Kobold!

Through external suggestion, Shitanya morphs from a Lawful Neutral Monk into a Chaotic Good Barbarian, and receives 185 extra xp as a result. While her dismembering is MORE heinous and ergo greater penalized than before, her role-playing is rich with steamy texture, and nobody really expects a chaotic barbarian to accomplish the delivery of a MESSAGE OF IMPENDING DOOM (and thus, is penalized lessly for forgetting entirely)

Cue the Zelda music, aaaaaand, we're off:

Our heroes, having made their ethical discussion about who to steal from, kill, or betray, ultimately persuade the increasingly Scottish Gustoff to give them a barter-quest, in which they will provide 8-ish fairies for 8-ish moonstones so that they can pay Skuzz his agreed upon 8-20 moonstones in exchange for the shard. Through casual conversation, they also learned that Skuzz used to be Gustoff's pet, many moons ago (pun!)

Though, thanks to Ash's pointings-outings, not entirely sold on the ethics of slavery, they're still on their way to collect some fairies, accompanied by the clearly trustworthy Kobold, Bliznark; they headed North.

The party, after significant amounts of debates, decided on paying Bliznark his 2 gold up front, and allowed him to eat all the fairies he wanted, after the others captured all that they needed on their quest, with the basic plan of thwacking him on the head to avoid any bloodshed (at least until after they left)

After some trekking of an unknown amount due to a real-world-dm-map-relocation to an unknown origin, the party encountered some teenie weenie spiders in a gargantuan web. Shitanya ran up and axed the hell out of one of the lil' fellers, and Ash jumped into one and splattered it, though as a result of his momentum, launched himself thoroughly into an entangled mess. "Ah. Webs." He mused. Manbearpig shot Shitanya in the bum. "Sorry!" He quipped. "your butt is big!" he replied, in a socially awkward attempt at an apology. Ash freed himself, and Tribby asploded one of the spiders with her missile of the magic variety.

In short, the party utterly decimated the lil' buggers, only to realise that the wee ones were simply faster than the larger, and that there were bigger, and bigger spiders a'comin'. Soon, the party was attacked en mass by spiders of increasingly gargantuan sizes and hitpoints.

The battle waged on, with a bashing, a slashing, a piercing and a zapping, while Ash struggled to break his bonds.

Once free, Ash, decided on a life changing decision, and launched at an enemy, spear first.

Tribby helped Ash, by burning him.

Ash got grappled to the ground by one of the larger spiders, fought free, got grappled to the ground again, got a lil' poisoned, and then Shitanya smashed him in the face with her axe.

It was the fight of friendly fire, it seemed, and Ash was the majority target. Ash finally succumbed to the poisons, and the "help" from his companions, though was quickly healed before too much damage could be done, and he quickly resumed the fighting and severe poking with his spear.

The fight concluded with Jay El telling the spider to roll over and the group gangbeating it to death (without hitting each other even once!).

The party decided to search the webs, found 2 sleep arrows (MBP), enlarge person potion (Ash), 3 identify scrolls (Tribby) and a bag of holding (party, though lent to Jay El - weighs 15lbs, holds 250lbs, 30 cubic feet). As an afterthought, the party decided to remove the poison sacks themselves, from the creatures, and sell those later (3x tiny [DC 10, 1d2 str], 1x small [dc10, 1d3 str], 2x medium [dc12 1d4 str], and 2x large [dc13, 1d6 str]. While some poison did splash on the volunteers, none were affected.

They then chose to leave the huge spiderweb and heal before camping, and then even took watch so as to avoid any nasty surprises.

In the morning, refreshed, they were off. After heeding the warnings of Bliznark (read: attacking the threat anyway, but at least being aware of it, so, he earned his 2g I suppose) the party decided on Jay El's use of summon bai... monster, to lure the killer weed out of hiding, which it did.

The party then launched into a flurry of poor roles, but, eventually, Manbearpig slew the creature in a mighty gust of fire and screaming. Shitanya decided to scale the trees and explore, and found a large stockpile (23) of broken swords and misc armor scraps, and a +1 shield of blinding (Jay El), water breathing potion (MBP), and even a chest of 2300gp; which was the cause of much internal debate and even the budding future romance (or at least alliance of greed) between the ever crafty Tribby and Shitanya.

A spear-wounded boar trundled up, and was immediately speared mightily by Ash, who was then mesmerized by the spear's beauty. Unbenownst to the party, the Boar would later be reincarnated as a stalwart woman who, upon becoming a cleaning woman, would suddenly re-live her past and snort in terror upon seeing her mop's wooden handle. She would discount it as an odd deja vu moment, and continue, but, would never eat bacon, again.

Tribby too, decided to cast detect plot device upon the spear, and also examined it closely. Jay El, in a burst of genius, decided to look around to find the owner of the first spear, knowing full well the owner of the second, but, failed utterly. The thought, it seemed, was what counted, as this inspired Shitanya to look, and, being less blind, see, a Hyena running at her at top speed.

The party decimated said animal in mere moments, and, after hearing some ominous rustling, decided to hide on the would-be attackers. Jay El decided to hide behind a tree, but, on the wrong side. (I love natural 1 rolls)

4 Gnolls and another hyena approached their dead companion, and, the hyena smelled Shitanya (who didn't?) and alerted the Gnolls.

Tribby launched a blazing inferno in an arc of blazing... inferno. The gnolls howled in pain, and shot the everlovin' out of her. "Goooot... yooOoou" she moaned, as her liquified form fell to the ground.

Everyone else missed a lot.

Jay El ran over and healed up the arrow-riddled Tribby to the point of not-a-liquid.

Everyone missed a lot.

Jay El healed Tribby to the point of consciousness.

Everyone missed a lot, and Ash twisted his ankle.

Tribby, fully a solid once more, opened fire once again, and Manbearpig downed a Gnoll with a non-Shitanya-shooting shot from his bow. Everyone missed some more and the Gnolls decided to take off and were slaughtered legolas style by Manbearpig's mighty bow, and annoying-facebook-friend-style by Ash's poking; leaving their angry, confused, and inept Hyena who continued to try to attack Shitanya.

At this point, unbenownst to her peeing player, Shitanya suddenly had success, and killed the hyena, after taking some heavy damage herself. The party decided to scout the area for more Gnolls, found none, searched their bodies and found 4xbattle axes, 3 shortbows, 2 spears, a spiked gauntlet, a throwing axe, a sling, 50 stones and 30 arrows; decided to use up their heal spells, and settle down for some rest.

However, before any significant rest could be had...

Ash 4230
JL 4220
Tribby 4220
Shitanya 4210
Manbearpig 4200
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