Apr 21, 2010

Session 4: Well crap. Someone relocated the DM's map & plotline thread. Looks like we're wingin' it!

Session 4: Well crap. Someone relocated the DM's map & plotline thread. Looks like we're wingin' it!

Abatu visits Jay El in his sleep

Abatu: "my domain is that of entropy, and I am an eternal observer of that which is good and decent in this world.

You should know that It is through my efforts that you are alive and well at all.

Though currently, due to the entropic manipulation this has required in order to coincidently get all of you together in the same place at the same time with the somewhat improbable items that were in your posession, I am something of an impotent gardian angel, for the moment.

Gazing upon the strong love you have for your daughter is as rejuvinating for me as water is for you, and, it is my hope that I will be able to help you again soon, sustained by nothing else.

It is very important to me to keep both you, and your daughter alive and well.

You have entwined destinys, and a great potential for great goodness.

Trust your companions, for they will both keep you safe, and be a moral compass for you in the upcoming darkness that you will need all of our help to overcome.

You must awaken. They mean you harm. I wish we had more time.

I have dire news for you. Though I cannot say which, a companion of yours will be taken this night. They will be tortured, and mentally scarred to a point that they will be mentally unrecognizable to you. In my current state, I am unable to help you, weak as I am.

I wish you luck, though this is merely a useless parting statement rather than the actual blessing I would normally be able to provide."

Jay El pleads with Abatu and seeks some way to solve this crisis. To which... there is but one.

To perminantly sacrifice a loving memory of his daughter, forever. The refined essence of this memory being far more potent than any single observation.

"...I'll do it." Came Jay El's anguished reply, as the memory was painlessly ripped from him. He simply never had this experience. As a result, his soul was just a titch darker, his life, a little less meaningful, and his character, slightly more tarnished from his life's hazards.

Abatu glowed, drinking in the refined happiness & joy... and then, Jay El is awakened by the sounds of some rather upset Goblins.
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