Apr 25, 2010

We can has fairy dust?

"So..." Jay El prompted to one of the more papa-smurf-ish Fairies, "what do you guys think about fairy dust?"

The Fairy blinked at Jay for a moment, and finally, failing to register, replied with a simple "What's that?"

Jay paused.  Hm.  Hadn't thought of that.  "Alright, uh, its like, this stuff" He said, running his hand against a nearbye surface.

Shitanya and Ash both used small, loud words to illustrate their points "can we has fairy dust?" 

The Fairy blinked for a moment longer, shrugged and replied "sure, you can has." he smiled and, seeing that the conversation was fairly over, flew away to look at something shiny.

"But...  how do we collect the dust?" Came the party's combined exclamation.
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