Apr 28, 2010

Rhapsody / Tribby - Her story thus far

The chronicle is up to date (ie we haven't played yet and I have nothing left to write) sooOoo, I thought I'd do a few player retrospectives.

Let us take a moment to look at this character in depth.

Tribby wasn't always a six hundred pound barbarian ogre who smelled of rotting cabbage and poo.

Indeed, there was a time, not long ago, where she was a 16 year old half elf girl named Rhapsody, in a village to the west.

She was happy, playing with her friends, while, as adolescence was fading... new urges were arising.

She found herself looking at boys differently, constantly using the word "Like" and spontaneously lighting things on fire with her mind.

It was a difficult time for anyone of that age, but, due to her somewhat socially awkward half-elf nature, and her arising sorceress abilities causing property damage... it wasn't long before the hicks of the town decided that it was time for her to leave.

As she was forcefully encouraged to pursue other choices in regards to her living quarters, she began her journey to the East.

Though sadly, as her grasp upon her powers was slight, the story remained the same for over a year.  A burned down bakery here, a third degree burn to a date there, and she was on the move yet again.

Eventually, she found her way to Roe.  It was a modern city and, she hoped that perhaps some of the local wizards could rid her of her powers, or at least show her how to control them.  Better still, perhaps they could put her into a more socially acceptable body entirely!

The thought of not being trapped in her half-elf body any more, and completely powerless filled her with joy and wonder.  She'd be able to return home!

An old woman passed by.  "I could totally steal from her!" she thought to herself.

It was around there, that her backstory faded away to make room for the present.  She would change her name to Tribby, hook up with an adventuring group, slaughter some innocents, atone, and master her powers.

(Possibly in the body of a 600lbs ogre; but that was just a general plan.  Specifics were to come.)
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