Apr 26, 2010

Mind if we loofa you a bit?

The party continued to discuss the artform of skin cell collection.

"Well, we could... put down drop cloths under where they sleep..."

"No, that wouldn't work... what if we just shook 'em a whole bunch?"

"Nah, that'd be somewhat... violent..."

"We could... ummm..."



"And didn't Gustoff want fairies, not dust?"

"Right, he wanted a steady supply of dust."

"Hm.  Okay, what if we set up a supply route?"

"Through the forest?"

"Yeah, kind of a trek.  Not to mention the inherent dangers..."

"What if we got the rats to do it?"

"Doubtful.  And even then, how would they collect it?"

"Right.  Back to square one."

"So we need some way of getting the fairies back to the town."

"But they don't want to go...  do they?"

"Hey, would you want to come back to the village with us?"

The fairy blinked at the absurd question, looked around to make sure that it was, in fact, paradise in every direction, then laughed with a very Miss Swan "hehe, a...no...  no.  Thank yous tho."

The party discussed some more.  How were they going to get the fairies out of the city?

"Would we be able to hire you guys to act as our bodyguards, back to town?"

Again, the fairies had a hard time understanding.  It seemed as though they didn't really do anything that wasn't inherently fun, or amusing.  They had no concept of profit, or even posessions, which was obvious in there generous gifts and selfless ressurecting of the dead party member.

"no thank yous" they replied, heading back to their game of flying up and down while spinning and attempting to keep eye contact with each other.

These fairies weren't going anywhere.  And it was against the ethics of the party to simply abuse their kindness and force them, let alone put them into slavery/prisons.

The party looked at each other for suggestions.
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