Apr 29, 2010

Ash - His story thus far

Ash hasn't always been a spear wielding, flea-jumping (that is, he jumps like a flea, not he jumps over fleas... although, I mean, he COULD jump over a flea, its just not what I was... anyway) semi-sociopathic Dragoon.

There was a brief gestation period that took place first, in his mother's womb; and then the one year it took him to pick up a spear and stand up.

After that... its pretty much been jump and poke, jump and poke, jump and miss, swear, poke, jump and poke.

This theme seemed to follow him through most of his adolescent years, and beyond.  "Ashley (his full name) could do so much better in math if only he'd put down that spear, pick up a pencil, NOT jump across the room and stab his classmates with it, and answer his word problems with "jump at it, and stab it with something akin to a spear""

Later on, he was voted most likely to stab something with a spear (optionally after jumping at it first)

And, eventually, he chose the path of the Dragoon.  Which, consisted primarily of jumping at things and stabbing them with your spear.  Which seemed like a good move.

Go with your passions, I always say.
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