Aug 25, 2010

Jay El takes the genocide route

The group descended into the depths, and entered into what appeared to be something of a storage room.  They deducted this by reading the label upon the door.  Which said "storage."  And it was a room.

Tribby smiled.  Her ogreish appetite swelling "lookit all da rice!" she drooled, before realizing what she'd said "it... er, looks delicious and of an eastern variety."  It wasn't.

Jay El flinched from the pain in his leg.  He'd been having trouble summoning up his healing spells as of late.  His hatred of the Kobolds and of himself was making it difficult for him to focus.

"Damn scaled rats don't deserve to eat." he spat.

Tribby laughed "Yeah, we should like, pee on their rice or something."

"Yes." Jay El smiled.  "Or something."

Jay El searched the room throughoughly.  Chances were that this room might be where some of the party's stolen gear would be located.  "Ah..." he sighed, sighting the poison sacs they'd taken from some spiders.

He paused.  Those were such different times.

For a moment, a brief essence of light shone across his eyes.  It had been such a different adventure for him then.  He'd felt... he'd felt... 

He shut his eyes and grimaced.  These Kobolds had taken from him in many ways, and he aimed to return the favor.

Grabbing the poison sacs, he emptied them upon the food stores of the cave.  "Damn rats.  I hope you get to watch your babies writhe in agony before you die." he spat again.

Tribby set down Shitanya and Manbearpig and stretched her back.  "oy!" she exclaimed.  

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