Aug 27, 2010

Hydroponic Depression

The party continued forward, joking and laughing about the liquid nature of some of their opposition, and found a small hydroponics section.

Eventually, it donned upon Jay El that they were in a cave, and, after voicing this to the group, Ash discovered that there were 4 daylight stones being used for photosynthisis.

Jay El felt a twinge in his gut, remembering a time where he'd shared an apple with his daughter and wife.  She'd squirted lemon on the slices so they didn't go brown...

It seemed like an entirely different life.  A life that was becoming less and less relevant the more he fought to reclaim it.

He picked an apple off one of the trees, closed his eyes and took a bite.

"Hey Jay!" Tribby interrupted, "Wanna pee on the plants, too?"

Jay El sighed.  The moment was lost.  "No, taking the source of light should be sufficient.  Besides, if all goes as planned there will be little left to eat the fruits of their labors regardless." he turned abruptly, and marched down the hallway, hurling the apple into a nearby wall in a harsh manner, holding back the pain in his chest.  

4 daylight stones

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