Aug 22, 2010

Deathstroke does this one time with the Atom and a laser pointer

Tribby, like many a mario brothers player, suddenly realized that she was unable to sufficiently halt her momentum, asplodes Shitanya into the wall with all 900 pounds of her girth.  In a panic, she let out a quick yodel of apology.
"ooOoh cuh-raaa-haaap, I'm sooOoory!" she attempted, realizing that not only did the apology seem either insincere or insane, but that she was also quite terrible at yodeling.

The party all shrugged and paid little heed to the incident.  It was good to have Tribby back, but, it seemed that now Shitanya would be out of it for the foreseeable future.

Everyone looked expectantly at Manbearpig.


There was a pregnant pause, but, nothing happened to the stalwart avenger, and so, after another expectant pause, they decided to carry on.  Tribby hoisted Shitanya up onto her back.

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