Aug 13, 2010

Mini-adventure 6

The Wormbirdpig (whose name was Susan, but it was one of those stupid "no, its pronounced "FKfkfksOSsquaaaacksquee!" type snobbish, yuppy names which cause endless frustration to school teachers and seem to exist only so that the child can grow up annoying, constantly correcting people when they pronounce their name like a sane person) barred its snoutbeak and swished from side to side, clearly not wanting to initiate the combat, but equally as clearly being entirely ready for one.

Tribby used the "lunge at it and see what happens" approach, and dove at the creature in an attempt to hold it to the ground.

The wormbirdpig would have none of it, and stabbed into her chest with a thrust from its beak, then, using its powerful snout, wrenched a huge bite of flesh from her abdomen with a squeal of victory.

Tribby screamed in anguish, as she felt the acid left behind from its maw, but the gaping wound only emboldened her efforts, as she swung at the creature again, this time smacking it upside the head.

The creature, though clearly offensively strong, lacked the fortitude necessary to trade blows with the mini-troll, and it backed off quickly, and once again reared up to await her approach.

Tribby glanced down at the burning chunk missing from her torso, and debated approaching the creature again.

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