Aug 26, 2010

CR: 0 - Spell overcompensation: 12

Satisfied with the level of starvation and racial cleansing they'd accomplished, the party headed over to the Barracks - ready to do battle with a few Kobolds who would likely be able to defend themselves.

The partially deaf Ash placed his ear against the door of the Barracks.  "IT DOESN'T SEEM LIKE ANYONE IS IN THERE!" he deaf-yelled.

Tribby sighed and shoved him aside.  "There are indeed Kobolds inside.  More than 3, some of which are wearing armor."

"WHAT!?" he attempted to whisper.

"Nevermind." she said, making the motion for Ash to take out his spear and prepping to open the door.

(if Tribby had been in her original, fairly fetching Half-Elf form, this may have led to yet another sexually charged misunderstanding between Tribby and a male, but, thankfully, aside from other Ogres, not much would wanna get with an Ogre.)

Jay El concentrated and clenched his teeth.  "HEAL YOU HEEL!" he grimaced, his wound finally closing.

It seemed as though his powers were returning.  He glanced around, deciding not to chance the voicing of his concerns to the party - sensing they might turn on him at any moment; Jay El cast a spell upon Tribby's weapon, her huge club sprouted giant, enchanted, cruel looking spikes.  Next, he attempted to bless the group with divine energy.  It was a struggle, but, it seemed to work.

Ready, the group politely opened the door, and launched their assault.

The 6 tiny Kobolds screamed and attempted to fumble with their weapons.  Tribby ran towards their leader and smashed him with a blow so powerful that, if one were inclined to calculate such a figure, would have been capable of killing 9 of him.  The blow was so powerful that Captain Kobold (which sounds like a very strange superhero) was reduced to a fine mist.  His items also, were smashed beyond all recognition, as was the floor below him.

No doubt this helped to alert people in the floors below as to the scuffle.

The rest of the party followed suit and demolished the petty resistance.

The party laughed.  If this was the best the Kobolds had with which to defend themselves, they really had very little to worry about.

The happy party noticed, and picked up a few pieces of loot.

Masterwork Manacles
Two good locks
One superior lock

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