Aug 4, 2010

Mini-adventure 2

Tribby paused, realized she didn't speak wormbirdpig, and assumed it had said something to the effect of "Yes, but, how do you know you aren't still dreaming?"

Tribby laughed.  "Well duh.  I'm not creative enough to envision a half worm, half bird, half pig like... creature.  So obviously you must be real."

The collaboration of crazy looked at her, arched what could only be compared to the wormbirdpig version of an eyebrow, and nodded.  She was right, after all.

Immediately, she realized that she had two pressing matters.  One, was escaping out of the pouch and finding out where she was, and the other, was if the rest of the party (which had presumably put her in the bag for safe keeping) was in need of the type of assistance only a puppy-sized Troll sorcerer barbarian could offer.

She paused, and wondered what specific event or challenge would match such an exact criteria.

"Meh." she shrugged.  Either way, she didn't want to hang out with the less than loquacious wormbirdpig, who, admittedly, would be considerably less scary if she were her regular size.

Gazing upwards, she wondered to herself just how she was going to climb out of her pint-sized cavern.

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