Aug 16, 2010

Mini-adventure 8

Grunting, huffing, and yes, even puffing, Tribby tugged and yanked herself up, up, and out of the seemingly huge saddlebags, of which Gluestick was a tad touchy about, and breathed in a large gasp of fresh-ish air.

Fresh-ish, because, honestly, the air smelled of sweaty horse, Kobold pee and coal smoke.

Suddenly, the sound of a huge, stone door smashing to the ground was heard, shortly thereafter, the sound of pounding, coughing and gasping.

Tribby scanned the immediate area, and jumped down, using her feather fall spell to slow her descent.  It sounded like someone needed her help, and, odds were, those somebodies were her friends.

"I'm coming!" She squeaked, running as fast as her lil' legs could carry her.

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