Aug 7, 2010

Mini-adventure 3

Tribby surveyed her surroundings a bit more.  Her heightened sense of smell was definately picking up something putrid.  Something decidedly Shitanya, which, she had thought, had been bathing a little more regularly as of late.

"Ooooh MAN!" She wigged out, jumping up in alarm as she suddenly realized that she had been sitting on a rather gargantuan, severed Orc penis.  "She said she threw this out!"

"HkkkKkkSQUAWK! grunt grunt sQUEEE!" came the cacophony which could only be compared to the equivalent of wormbirdpig laughter, or, perhaps, a spirited debate about the environmental concerns which dragons tended to create.  (considering the likely intelligence level of the wormbirdpig, Tribby assumed it was the former)

"Gross!  Icky icky gross!" Tribby mini-waved her hands in a way most un-trollishly.

Then, she saw the pubes.


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