Aug 22, 2010

Don't worry, I have two crowbars.

Ever the gentlemen, Jay El stepped to the side to allow the drooling Tribby to step into the room.  This chivalry, perhaps anticipated by the designers of the dungeon's security system, promptly allowed Jay to step onto a false tile, which broke, and, due to newton's law of gravity, caused his foot (and, ergo, the rest of him) to fall about a foot.  Which, coincidently, was almost exactly what the leg-hold trap into which he fell, nearly cost him.

"GWAAAGH!" Jay El squeeked, succinctly, "MY FOOT!"

Ash peered over at him.  "Wouldn't that hurt your shin area more than your foot?  I mean, the claws are clearly digging directly into your..."

"YES!  YES MY LEG!  MY LEG IS WHAT HURTS!  FORGIVE ME FOR YELLING THE FIRST APPENDAGE THAT CAME TO MIND!" Jay El barked back, attempting to survey the damage to his now quite-favorite foot.  (Jay El had always had a heightened appreciation for that which he  feared he could  lose.)

Tribby perked up.  Everyone had made fun of the fact that she'd purchased darn well two of everything way back when.  "I have two crowbars!" she beamed.

"GOD!  IT HURTS!  ITS INSIDE TH... th... you have TWO crowbars?"

"Yep!  They're pretty tiny now, I mean, I'm kinda big, but, yeah!  I also have two sets of flint!"

"Who buys two crowbars?"

"Well, it seems pretty logical NOW, doesn't it footless?"

"...yes.  Thank you.  Please pry the leg trap apart for me oh wise one." He sighed.

Ash snorted.

Tribby, in mid-pry, paused and looked at Ash.  "What?"

"Hm?  Oh.  Oh nothing.  It's just... why two crowbars?  Who buys two crowbars at a time?  What, were you worried one would get wet?"

"Aggh!  Talk about purchasing habits when we aren't prying metal from my leg, please!" Jay El whined.

Tribby returned to her task, deciding not to mention her matching fanny packs, and promptly freed the limping Cleric.

"Crap this hurts." Said the healer.  "I mean, it really, really hurts!"

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