Aug 18, 2010

Ultimate Alliance 2: Review

Tribby neared the entrance to the caves, when a rather disheveled spiderduck trundled into her field of view.

"HEY!" it screamed at her.  "HEEEEY!"

Tribby had never encountered a spiderduck before, but, it was nice to talk to something in Common for a change.  Being tiny for so long had let her feeling somewhat isolated and alone.  Almost as if she'd had no contact for months, instead of hours.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ULTIMATE ALLIANCE TWO!?" The spiderduck screamed at her.

"Uh..." Tribby grunted, not being aware of an alliance of an ultimate, or even penultimate nature.

"Okay, the gameplay is what it is.  's fine.  But what the crap is up with the non-skippable cinemas?"

"The who and the whatnow?" Tribby prompted.

"The NON-FREAKING-SKIPPABLE... and, might I add, the repetitive, considering you gotta watch 'em again if you DIE... CINEMAS!  And don't even get me started on the complete and utter USELESSNESS of their so-called "save" function..."

"What the hell are you blathering..." Tribby attempted, seeing if she could circumnavigate the clearly distraught creature.

"oh sure... they LET you save...  But when you load your freaking game, it sets you back a few hours and replays a cinema to boot!  Oh... WHAT YOU MEANT TO WRITE... was something along the lines of KIND OF SAVE BUT REALLY JUST CHOOSE AN ARBITRARY CHECKPOINT, THEN REWIND A BIT BEFORE THAT TO SHOW OFF YOUR !@#$ING CHEESY CGI!"

Tribby hit the spiderduck with a rock.

--Author's note:  This isn't a sponsored slot.  I just needed to vent.  You're just lucky I wrote this before I played the debacle of a video game "Sacred 2".  THAT piece of duck excrement is likely the worst game I've played in the last several years - and that includes flash games online.  Horrible. --

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