Aug 10, 2010

Mini-adventure 5

Little did Tribby realize, that the methods of which she had used to gather her... rope... would be utilized in tropical parts of the world decades later for aesthetic purposes.

"Now, all I need is a grappling hook...  something that resembled a... chicken... wiiiish... booone..." she turned her head, and looked back at the wormbirdpig, which hisschirpsnorted at her defensively.

"Heeeere kind-of-birdy-birdy-birdy-who-hopefully-isn't-an-invertebrate...  heeeeere chicky-chicky-wormy-piggie-who-hopefully-has-ribs-or-something..." she motioned, making random "cht chit" noises, "oink glonk" noises and just snapping her fingers.

Not liking this sudden show of confusing attention, the wormbirdpig hissed and rared up, flashing its snoutbeak menacingly.

"Lets dance you winged pigworm!" she yelled, getting the species general gist down, if not the exact name itself.

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