Aug 14, 2010

Mini-adventure 7

Tribby roared in frustration, but realized that a frontal assault on the creature would only end in tears.  Or, more likely, a stabbed, snouted, dissolved torso and a less hungry wormbirdpig.

Perhaps, she thought to herself, if she utilized every braincell in her head and pinky, she would be able to out-think the creature.

"Oh right!" She snapped her fingers.  "I'm totally smarter than a worm!" and, with that, she cast magic missile on the thing and blew it to little pieces.

"Yeah, that was definitely the way to go." She smiled, wiping the liquefied creature off her face and chest.

She paused.

"Yeah...  I was killing that thing for its rib..." she looked around, and realized that her magic weapon hadn't left enough of the creature to fashion a hat or muff, let alone a grappling hook.

"I guess I'll just use the fishing hook then." She sighed, grabbing it out of the supply kit and attaching it to her wormbearpig-juice covered pube-rope.

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