Jun 14, 2010



Alignment Bonuses
 JL 100 (self sacrifice/greater good)
 Shitanya 60 (concern for living creatures & modified battle plans)

Killing Stuff
  Kobolds 50
  Dogs 15
  Phantom Fungus 300

  JL 300 (Hippogriffs & Healing)
 Shitanya 300 (Bravery & Damage)
 Ash 300 (Damage & Leadership)

  Jay El 10 (probably should have been a bit more concerned for the fairies, but, still made the right calls where it mattered)
  Shitanya 35 (believable reactions & concern for innocents)
  Ash 25 (pragmatic & action-oriented)
  Manbearpig 5 (hung back for much of the session, except when Shitanya threw his face into the ground)

 Jay El 15 (delayed, but successful action)
 Shitanya 295 (quick action & strength)
 Ash 350 (quick thinking pants shuffle)
 Manbearpig 310 (creative gust of wind saves the day)

  JL 790
  Shitanya 1055
  Ash 1040
  Manbearpig 680

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