Jun 7, 2010

The String Mittens of Healing

Jay El ordered his Hippogriff to attack the nearest tower operator, the ballista itself being unable to shoot up in the air, was quickly dispatched by the flying creature - as the other towers did their best to shoot at it, and missed horribly.

Shitanya, not sure how to take the Pig-of-man's recent outburst, decided that now was the time for action, and that apologies would simply have to wait.  Besides, he was clearly emotional.  "sssssssshhhhHHHIIIIT!" she screamed, and ran off towards the towers in a rage.  

Her cry startled one of the Kobold operators, who'd been loading some explosives into his makeshift catapult, and caused him to rather spectacularly blow himself, and his partner to smithereens.

Shitanya paused and wondered if she now posessed the ability to light things on fire with her mind, and focused intently on her third grade english teacher.  Nothing happened.  Perhaps line of sight was required.  A huge ballista bold thudded into her chest.  Further experiments would have to wait.

(She continued her run towards the tower)

Ash sighed.  "I'd better go back her up..."

Jay El ran off after Ash like a worried mother with a pair of mittens.  "You're going to need healing!" he whined.

Manbearpig noted that the leaves beside him were slightly asymmetrical and adjusted them accordingly.  "Better." he thought to himself.

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