Jun 2, 2010

Really !@#$ing dead Kobolds

The group huddled silently, and Jay El said his prayers, using his most powerful spells to ensure the party's safety.  He would not lose another friend this day.  Manbearpig did the same.  Nobody would die due to his inaction on this day.  Shitanya, seeing a possible emotional outlet, prepared herself mentally and whispered "ssssshhhhhhiiiiiiiit!" as she silently raged.

The travelling troupe of six lightly armed Kobolds, clearly nothing more than a scouting party marched by, none the wiser to the party's presence.

That is, until Ash jumped down and attacked them, followed shortly by the rest of the party, of whom promptly annihilated the small Kobolds.

The group looked at each other and gave knowing smiles.  They were, perhaps, overcompensating a little.

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