Jun 13, 2010

Ew, used caltrops. How tacky.

Jay El quickly gathered up the caltrops, and put them into his bags.  "Useful" he smiled.  Shitanya picked one out of her foot and gave it to Jay El to hold on to "keep 'em" she muttered, smashing through the second stone door.

The room opened up into a slightly wider room, and, Manbearpig summoned his best squinting.  "Nothing!" he announced, stepping on, and activating the pit trap below him.  "sheeoooooaaagh!" he screamed, as he jumped out of the way just in time.

It was a long... long... long way down.  "Well, at least I'm good at avoiding them." he thought to himself.

Shitanya sighed and smashed through the wooden door before them, and noted the spiral staircase downwards.

The group eyed the staircase before them and gulped.  Dungeons were scary.

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  1. I totally just got the "tacky" joke.


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