Jun 3, 2010

Emo Throats

As they got closer to the peak of the hill, the air thickened with the smell of coal smoke, and the blackness of the air was all too familiar to that of the blackened fairy village.

This smoke, though, was not that of destruction, but of some perverted sense of progress.  

As they neared the ridge, they could see that it was clearly some kind of town at the bottom of the valley, that was clearly utilizing the coal for some function.
There were Kobolds milling about all over the place, though it was difficult to ascertain where they were coming and going from, at this distance.

One thing was clear - there are hundreds, if not thousands of them.  

Some were carrying large chests, presumably filled with valuables.  Others, were escorting what appeared to be humanoid prisoners, or slaves.  Others still, had horses, and other random beasts.

It was impossible to follow a single Kobold through the mass, as they seemed to disappear only to reappear in other sections of the marketplace. Even large animals or manacled slaves would go into tents and seemingly dissipate into thin air.

The area, though mostly filled with the wares of the marketplace also had some standalone structures which had more clearly military purposes.  Large towers, and sunken bunkers being the more prominent.

Ash, in a rare moment of insecurity, ventured fourth his negative feelings towards this assault.  "We cannot attack this city.  We need an army.  There are simply too many!"  This caused an endless debate as to the various methods they could employ.  From pushing large trees over and rolling them down onto the townfolk, to waiting where they were, and picking off small troupes of guards one by one.

They strategized for some time on the various ins and outs of their desired tactics, while Jay El grew increasingly impatient.  "Look, they may be eating the remaining Fairies as we bicker amongst ourselves!" He snapped.  "What are we to do, simply wait for an opening?  It could take - what the hell!?" he finished, as Manbearpig's throat seemingly sliced itself open on its own accord.

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